If you are looking forward to a real elephant sanctuary in Thailand, visit no where than Elephant Nature Park. This park located in Chiang Mai, northwest of Bangkok. It’s around several hours from the downtown, which enables its entirely different natural environment.
This elephant sanctuary is a unique style in elephant tourism. Normally, elephants are used brutally in entertainment and riding. Their basic life cannot be guaranteed and most of them are suffered from long-time disease. Unlike those traditional elephant tourist sights, Elephant Nature Park is a volunteer-liked program. It’s a pioneer in the field of elephant’s benefit.
Those gentle giants in Elephant Nature Park is rescued from around the country. Each day, the keepers of the park will have those elephants walking around the field and swimming in the mud pool, their favorite activities. Their diet is specially designed and cooked by volunteers, food including banana, pumpkin, sticky rice and many other fruits. There are now about 70 elephants living there. Apart from that, you can also find more than 350 dogs which were strays and have been adopted. The vast majority of those lovely creature live a harmonious life here.

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