If you want to visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, the best guide is to book it in advance. Many of those ethical sanctuary is available for single-day, overnight program and a week program.

Elephant Nature Park
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Cost: Day tours charge 2,500 baht ($73US) per person; overnight tours charge 5,800 baht ($168US) per person.
What’s incorporated: All tours include feeding and bathing the elephant, relevant meals, plus pickup and dropoff from your hotels in Chiang Mai downtown. The duration on the way is about 1.5 hours.
Tips: Elephant Nature Park is very popular, so you had better to book in advance. If you book days before, it might be sold out.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Cost: 2,400 baht for adult, 1,800 baht for children from 4-10 years-old, Free for 0-3.
Includes: Free Karen T-shirt, round-way transfer from your hotel in Chiang Mai downtown, drinking and traditional Thai food in the sanctuary, food for the elephant, all elephant-related activities.
Tips: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary have several branch around Thailand. The center is located in Chiang Mai. Newly-opened are Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui.

Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary
Location: Sukhothai, Thailand
Cost: 6,000 baht ($195) per person for an overnight tour.
Includes: Overnight program includes all meals and non-alcoholic drinks in the sanctuary, accommodation, laundry, and all activities. No service for transfer from and to your hotels in downtown.
Tips: The reserve is located in six hours north of Bangkok, so you need to go your own way there. Or go to the Sukhothai city first and catch a car to the sanctuary there. The town has both an airport and a bus stop.

The Surin Project
Location: Baan Tha Klang, Northeastern Thailand
Cost: The cost in the sanctuary is called contribution. With about a contribution of 13,000 baht ($422) per week, you will follow the project leaders and take care about 200 elephants.
Includes: Elephant-related activities. You will ethically train, feed, wash and watch them all day. All meals and accommodation in the reserve.

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