The National Emblem of the Kingdom of Thailand is a very religious and mysterious totem pattern. The dark red bird’s back is the King. The pattern is the golden pagoda of the Thai folk legend, the bare neck, the arm and the wrist are all wearing the dazzling golden ornament, the two arms are bent to the head, the inside of the finger, The typical form of the Thai folk dance and dance shows the rich Thai national characteristics. The bird is a deep red double-wing and a tail, with a golden armor and two strong claws, strong.

The country and the royal label of Thailand are called the “Garuda”, a mythical semi-human half-bird image, which is said to be a horse of one of the Hinduism’s main gods, to decorate the scepter and the royal banner of King Phumphon Adunyadet. Many government agencies in Thailand use Garuda on their badges. In addition, Garuda is also a symbol of the royal appointment and assignment “, which is officially approved by the royal family for companies with outstanding economic achievements or significant charitable causes. But it is rare to issue such a sign, which will be regarded as a noble honour.

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